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Our Background: Moms Network started out as an organization for work at home moms that was founded in December, 1997 by Cyndi Webb.  Cyndi saw the need and desire for supporting and promoting moms who work out of their home.  As a work at home mom herself, she was frustrated with the limited resources available to moms who work from home.

Cyndi's vision was to offer work at home moms an avenue to gain exposure for their business while at the same time building relationships with other work at home moms.  Her strong desire to offer work at home moms the spotlight that they need in order to grow their business, is relevant in the many free and low cost advertising choices offered through Moms Network.  The idea was to grow Moms Network into a busy and high traffic site and let the work at home mom ride on the tails of it's success.  The more eyes brought to the Moms Network community, the more eyes that would see the products and services of these hard working moms.

Since it's inception, Cyndi has achieved the following goals of the organization:

*National Radio Talk Show (the year of 2000 - heard over the airways in 4 states)
*Local Moms Network Groups
*National and Local Expos for Moms



*Online Community currently operating 25+ websites
*National Television, Radio, and Print Media exposure
*International Directory and Resource Guide of Work at Home Moms
*Publisher (Work at Home Mom's Guide to Success & Sanity, Mom's Recipe Collection)
*National Magazine (Connecting @ Home, 25,000 copies distributed free in 40 states: 2002 - 2008)

Over the past 20 years Moms Network has expanded to become a vast community of resources for ALL moms, not only work at home moms.  With more than 25 websites available and growing, addressing all sorts of interests (cooking, coupons, online games, auctions, children’s activities, crafts and more), Moms Network has been able to reach hundreds of thousands of moms worldwide.  Their online newsletter base was grown to more than 440,000 subscribers and the Moms Network community of websites receive over 4 million page views per month.

Our Mission: Moms Network is dedicated to offering the tools, resources and networking that moms need in balancing the important areas of their life. Moms Network is built on the belief that we learn and grow most from each other and the relationships we build both personally and professionally. We have, and continue to strive at offering an interactive and supportive atmosphere for moms working at home. Moms network currently operates approximately 25 websites (see below) all offering unique content and interests, which opens the door to a larger population of women, for the work at home mom to be able to showcase her business to.

Moms Network has created many opportunities for both work at home and stay at home moms to connect with each other in order to find companionship, support, encouragement and business growth. 

Our Philosophy: Moms Network believes that work at home moms deserve the exposure and support for their business as any other business owner.  While understanding the financial constraints that many work at home moms experience, especially in the advertising and promotion area, Moms Network strives to create free and low cost opportunities for a work at home mom to promote her business. 

Moms Network provides inexpensive services that a work at home mom utilizes for their personal and professional lives.  One of our goals is to help moms save money and work smart.

Moms Network also believes in offering as many tools, and information for free to those seeking to work at home.  While the trend is growing for many work at home and home based business sites to charge for information (i.e. Ebooks and many at inflated prices), Moms Network limits the number of "for sale" ebooks that we produce and create, striving to keep our information original.

Moms Network is here to support moms, and especially support moms who have decided that at this time in their life, they want to be a work at home mom and we help them to achieve that goal.  We are not here to judge a mom in their decision to work or not work at home - we support all moms.

Our Sites: The main goal of Moms Network is to help the work at home mom gain more exposure and access to more potential customers.  To do this, we have created a variety of sites, allowing the work at home mom to reach a much broader audience. Our sites include



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