ProActive Parenting
Helping the parents of Toddlers and Preschooler switch from punishment to discipline
How many people do you know that have small children and wish things would go a little smoother everyday? How many of them are shocked that all they do is yell and punish? Proactive Parenting shows parents how to work with a child's development as they switch from punishment to discipline and deal with the reality of raising toddlers and preschoolers.

The adult world tends to create exhaustion by the end of the day, but your children don't care about any of that, they live in the now, and now is when they want you, and if they can't have you they gravitate to misbehavior. Why? Because misbehavior is the one place where parents focus 100% of their attention! ProActive Parenting shares ways to correct behavior so you can have the kind of parent child relationship you always dreamed of. Come visit us, get a free gift and see how this proven method can help your family, and tell your friends.
Sharon Silver
Thursday, February-19-2009
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