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Home > Celebrating Moms FAQ

Moms Network 2008 "Celebrating Moms Expo" FAQ's

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Each year we receive many of the same questions over and over so we have put together an FAQ page.
Most questions that you may have about the expo will be answered below. 
After reading the FAQ's, and if you don't find your answer, email us at
and we will respond within the next 24 - 48 hours.

1. Is there still booth space available?  Yes, unless you see in bold on the site and sign up form the words: Booth Space Sold Out.
2. How much does a booth cost & what is included in the price?  We have several options to choose from, including booths with electricity included. There are several different booth sizes. Booth price includes the space of your booth.  You must provide your own table/chairs. Click here to see all the different booth options.

3. What are the hours of the show? The hours of the show are the same hours that Burnsville Center is Open: Saturday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm  and Sunday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm.
4. How many years has the Celebrating Moms Expo been held? This will be our 8th year and our 6th year at Burnsville Center.
5. How many people come to the event?  While we can't get exact numbers because this is a mall, the mall keeps close track of traffic and activity.  According to the mall, we bring in several thousand moms with each expo, add that onto the 10's of thousands in existing foot traffic, it is busy.
6. How do you promote and advertise the event? We do quite a bit of advertising for our expo, here is a list of where we typically advertise:
1. Family Times Magazine (6x's year pub) 60,000 copies 1 issue
(2/3 page)
2. MN Parent (monthly pub) 80,000 copies 2 issues:
(1/4 page & ˝ page)
3. MN Christian Chronicle (monthly pub) 30,000 copies 2 issues:
(1/4 page)
4. Coffee Cup News (weekly pub) 7,000 copies 4 issues (2 block size ad)
5. This Week Papers (weekly pub) 88,000 copies 3 issues(1/4 page)
6. Catholic Spirit (weekly pub) 90,000 copies 2 issues (1/4 page)
7. Connecting @ Home Magazine (quarterly pub) 12,000 copies 2 issues (1/2 & full page)
8. Free Tickets 10,000
9. 100 Posters in Retail Stores, Day Care Centers etc.


7. Can I get a booth for just one day?  No - you must commit to being at the expo both days.  We do not sell booth space for just one day.
8. Can I share a booth with someone?  No - we do not allow sharing a booth with anyone.  Only 1 company per booth space.
9. I have two businesses, can I run both businesses out of my one booth?  No. Each individual booth can only have one company represented.
10. Is electricity available?  Yes.  There are a limited number of spots with electricity available.  You MUST choose a booth with electricity included when you reserve your booth space. This CANNOT be added later.
11. Is phone or internet access available? No. Burnsville Center does not have this capability for weekend shows.
12. Will there be other companies that sell or display similar products to mine?  There may be.  We do not limit the involvement to just one company per type of product or service. What we do try to do is to not put you right next to a direct competitor - but we cannot guarantee this.  So many companies now offer such a variety of products that it is sometimes impossible to not have people near each other offering similar items. If you are with a Direct Sales Company (ie, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef etc) we only allow one individual representative to be able to have a booth.
13. Can I choose my booth assignment?  Yes - this is new for the 2008 expo. You are allowed to choose which specific booth space that you want.
14. How come the expo held is in a shopping mall and not a convention center?  We have opted for a mall for many reasons.  The main one being the cost to the exhibitors.  If we were to move to a convention center the costs of the booths would be at least 3 times more expensive than they are now.  Most people do not realize just how much it costs to put on an expo, especially one this size.  Our goal is to keep the costs at the lowest possible price to the exhibitor AND get the most people to the expo.  We do NOT solely rely on existing traffic at the mall.  We do extensive advertising, unlike most events held in a mall.  Also, by holding the event in a mall, the parking and admission remains free to attendees which helps draw in more people.
15.  Can we set up on Friday night?  No, per the contract, set up time is anytime after 7:30 am on Saturday.  No one is allowed to set up on Friday night.  Moms Network isn't even allowed to get into the mall until after 9:00 pm. on Friday night to bring in the items we need to bring in.

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