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Home > Home Business Profiles > Lawn Greetings Rental Service

Home Business Profiles:
Lawn Greetings Rental Service

Owner's Name: Jill Henry

Company Name: A Greeting Yard! Lawn Greetings Rental Service


Type of Products/Services Offered: Lawn Greetings Rental Service, a fun alternative to sending flowers, balloons, candy or cookie bouquets.

Start Up Cost: Approximately $2,000 for me, but it can be done for a little less or a WHOLE lot more depending on how many displays you want to start out with, if you make your own signs or buy them pre-made, if you need a delivery vehicle, etc.

What did the start up costs go for?: I already had a small truck to make deliveries and a computer and home office set up, so that saved some start-up money right there. And I decided to do this on my own rather than buying into a business opportunity or franchise -- I've seen those offered for anywhere from $300 - $12,000.  My start-up costs included purchasing the lawn ornaments, supplies for modifying them so they would stab into the ground, materials for building my 4-foot-tall yard cards, changeable plastic letters and their tracks for the message boards.  I have utilized as much free publicity as possible and borrowed tools from my dad to save start-up costs as well.



I wasted money on a web hosting company that offered ugly templates to choose from and do it myself. Finally, after about a year in business, I hired a web designer to redesign my site and it's almost ready to debut. My web designer is awesome and I'm very excited about the new site.

Earning Potential: I know of one similar business making $75,000 in profit each year. I haven't reached that level -- YET. Hate to say "The sky is the limit," but the income depends on many factors -- how many customers respond to your ads and book rentals each week, how much you charge per rental, how hard you work getting marketing your business, and if you need to educate the community about your business. The lawn greetings industry is so new that a lot of business owners are responsible for educating their communities. People aren't sure what the business is exactly at first.

Skills Needed: This business doesn't require one to be artistic, although it comes in handy if you want to create your own designs. You can buy everything ready to go. Organizational skills are vital. Computer skills aren't needed -- you could run this business out of a notebook if you wanted to, but computers can help you organize your business. People skills are the most important thing. When potential customers call or email, a special event is about to occur in their lives or in the lives of someone important to them. I've called so many businesses that acted like my phone call was an inconvenience for them to deal with. It's important to remember there is a person on the other end of the phone and treat them the way you would like to be treated. Another important thing is the ability to carry awkward and sometimes heavy containers, bend to set displays up, and someone to stay with your kids while you make deliveries.

Special Equipment Needed: A truck, van or SUV to make deliveries. Garage, shed or rented storage space for inventory. The ability to use power tools or a willingness to learn is helpful.

Best Customers/Target Market: Customers are all over the place. We are a fun alternative to sending flowers, balloons, candy or cookie bouquets. Our target markets are very similar to the target markets of those businesses. We rent displays out for all occasions. New parents and parents of small children are our biggest market.

Resources & Organizations that have helped: I've learned a lot from great resources on the web, like this one, to learn about running a business.

Any Tips?: The first step would, of course, involve the same steps you would take for starting any new business -- city and county business licenses, sales tax ID #, choosing a business name, registering your fictitious name, business telephone, business insurance, etc. One of the most important things would then be to see what other businesses are doing. Use a search engine and spend some time finding similar businesses across the US to determine what you do and don't like about what they offer, their inventory, their style and their policies. You'll find there are many options. For example, some businesses offer only large stork signs for newborn announcements, others offering storks plus other signs, and some offer lawn ornaments. Get a good brochure made that describes the concept of what you are doing. And be prepared for some strange looks when you tell people you have started a lawn greetings business. My son is in the gifted program and one of his instructors scratched his head and said, "What? Do you mow 'Hi' in people's lawns?"

Home > Home Business Profiles > Lawn Greetings Rental Service


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