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Home Business Profiles:
Online Coupons Business

Name: Jason Hopp

Company Name: Ideals, Inc.


Type of Products/Services Offered: Free coupons for restaurants, entertainment, services, & more! Also a great promotional tool for businesses!

Start Up Cost: Minimum of $30,000


What did start up costs go for: Website Developement, Attorney, Graphic Design, Merchant/Credit Card Processing, Credit Card/Gateway Service, Computer, Marketing, Office Supplies, Internet Services, Etc.

Earning Potential: $24,000,000 / year based on 20,000 clients at someday $100/mo ea. across min 20 states. Now I gotta make it happen! :)

Skills Needed: Organizational, sales, marketing, creative, optimism, interpersonal, financial, accounting, detail, scheduling, general internet knowledge, database knowledge (ACT), general computer, general graphics, etc.

Special Equipment Needed: Computer/printer, access to internet, Phone, vehicle.


Best Customers/Target Market: Coupon users, restaurants, entertainment, services, etc.

Resources & Organizations : Chamber of Commerce, Networking Groups, Computer & Internet Education, Any business book or publication.

Any Tips?: Write everything you can think of down in an electronic file so you don't forget it and will have the ability to easily organize, prioritize, or update. I would recommend making sure you make a list of any potential expenses that may arise. There is always something that comes up or costs more than expected. Think of the unexpected and mark up your expected expense to have a buffer. Know exactly the functions you want on your website before hiring a web developer so they can write your website in the correct language to ensure all desired functions are feasible. Know how you're going to pay for your business and your personal life expenses and have a plan if you don't make your expected income. I work extra jobs to survive while my business grows. Make sure you're ready for making a commitment and giving up some important things in your life. Always be open to advice but you make the ultimate decisions. Have trust but be cautious when consulting an attorney, they know a lot but not all business laws and regulations. I recommend second opinions on important items. Another huge decision is who to use for a web developer. Make sure you do your research and look at multiple options and get quotes and ensure the language your site is written in can allow for expansion and upgrades as your business needs change. Make sure you have someone reliable and
available when unexpected items occur. If you can not afford your own server to host your website and software, choose a web host company carefully. Make sure they support your language and will continue to support it. Know what it means to be on
a shared server (other clients on same server you are) and/or a dedicated server (only you or small number of clients). Dedicated costs more but may be more stable as changes they make to servers for another clients site, may not be compatible with
your site that may cause down time. There are websites that have reviews of different web host companies. Marketing is key but costly. Be as creative as you can and always be marketing. Part of your items you write down should be every marketing idea you can think of. They may not all be feasible or relevant today, but you can always use your list as a resource for ideas later. Most importantly, don't give up! Persistence! Persistence! Persistence! Take responsibility for everything and never blame someone else. It's up to you to learn lessons from and/or make adjustments to those you encounter in business. If business was easy, everyone would do it. Make sure to take some breaks/time out for yourself and others in your life, but it's up to you to be responsible and know when to get back to work. Most importantly, don't give up! Persistence! Persistence! Persistence!

Home > Home Business Profiles > Online Coupons Business


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