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volunteer at moms network

volunteer.jpg (9528 bytes)Moms Network is the premier site on the web for work at home moms.  We are expanding in all that we offer to moms each month.   While we love to offer more and more free resources, we can't do it all.  We are looking for other moms who would like to feel that they too are contributing in helping other moms find balance in their home and family lives. Do you have a heart to help other work at home moms? If so, Moms Network has a place for you! We are currently looking for: message board moderators, local leaders, contest co-ordinators, kids crafts co-ordinator, research managers, project workers, reporters, and expert columnists. If you would like to volunteer at moms network for any of the above positions, OR have another volunteer idea, fill out our Heart of a Volunteer form below.  PLEASE, only serious minded volunteers who can make a commitment of at least one - two hours a week:

City & State
How did you hear about Moms Network?

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
(family, hobbies, interests etc)

What do you feel are your strengths:

Why would you like to be a volunteer at Moms Network?

Please list two areas of interest  for volunteering:
Your first & second choice

Volunteer Position

NEW Position - Local Event Researcher
We need a mom from each state

Message Board Moderators

Contest Co-ordinator - promoting our contests

Kids Crafts- making kid crafts & recipes and providing pictures and instructions

Research Manager - various research involving finding resources, links etc on a variety of topics

Expert Columnist - providing a weekly column in a specific area of "expertise"

Reporter - interviewing companies and people relevant to moms

Project Worker - helping complete special projects that come up

Public Relations - Writing and submitting press releases

You will be contacted within 2 - 3 weeks of filling out this form.

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