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Home > Holiday Crafts & Recipes > Christmas Crafts & Recipes

Christmas Crafts & Recipes at Moms Network

Clothespin Rudolph

beige pipe cleaners
little red pom poms
small wiggly eyes
clothes pins that you squeeze open

Take the pipe cleaner and cut at about 3 inches. Bend the pipe cleaner in half. Open the clothespin and glue the pipecleaner as far inside the clothspin as you can. Bend the pipecleaner at the ends so it looks like antlers. With the flat part of the clothspin facing upward, glue the little eyes on there and the red pom pom at the end for a nose.


Other things you can do to it...
Glue a piece of red paper or felt to hang out of the mouth part.
Attatch it to a Candy Cane.
Make a set for moms who still hang their clothes on a clothes line.
Make a set to use on napkins as holders.
Put a magnet on back.
Tie a string at the top to be a Christmas Tree ornament.

Submitted by Susie Glennan - The Busy Woman's Daily Planner

Keepsake Christmas Gifts

You can use inexpensive collectibles to create beautiful keepsake crafts you may give as gifts. You may already have these items or they can be found in thrift stores, or antique shops.


Bottle caps:
Old bottle caps are colorful and fun. They can be use to decorate a wooden frame. You can make or buy a simple flat wooden frame of any size. Paint the base a nice basic color such as navy, forest green or tan. Use a hot glue gun to attach the bottle caps evenly and directly on the frame. You can give the frame empty or insert a special photograph of a loved one for a special gift.

Doilies and Linens:
Often we will have very old Doilies and Linens, but sections have become stained or torn during the years. The bad areas can be trimmed off and you can use the good sections to line wicker baskets for wrapped baked goods or candy. You can also fill the basket with soap and bath products. The person you give it to can place the basket right on their counter. If you have larger lace tablecloths that are damaged, you can cut them into sections and make pillow coverings.

Submitted by Brenda Hyde - Seeds of Knowledge



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Christmas Crafts & Recipes

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Home > Holiday Crafts & Recipes > Christmas Crafts & Recipes



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